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Interactions & Knowledge, connected and optimised.

Cohesion improves the efficiency of your organisation and the satisfaction of your customers.

Key Benefits

Customer & Team Interaction Management

Deliver an excellent customer experience and collaborate with colleagues and other teams across web, mobile, email and other channels.

Knowledge Management

Capture knowledge across your organisation and harness its value. Ensure everyone has access to the right information at the right time.

Custom Forms & Workflows

Make your forms and processes truly digital, save time and money. Integrate form submissions with workflows & other systems.

Reports & Satisfaction Ratings

Track customer satisfaction and report on metrics that are important for your success. Proactively identify issues and risks.


Automate tasks, customise messages, create and modify behaviours in your Cohesion instance with a few clicks.

Multiple Teams & Brands

Multiple teams & brands in a single, integrated system.

Wiki Sites & Support Portals

One place to find information and collaborate. Publish to desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Unlimited Wiki Sites and Support Portals.

Enterprise Ready

Full-featured, fast, secure and easy to use. Enterprise features such as custom domains with SSL security and multiple teams.

Cloud-based & Instant Setup

No servers or IT hassles. Instantly create your SmarterBase instance and access it securely on your desktop, mobile or tablet device.

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